Data Analytics

Black Willow understands current data analytics and data mining needs. The pressure is on today's organizations to scale their data storage abilities and to make data available back to the enterprise for effective analysis. Black Willow has extensive experience architecting and designing systems to perform analysis and visualization on large data sets. Black Willow works with customers to engineer solutions that fuse data across multiple systems with volumes exceeding 1 terabyte (TB) and billions of entities.

Palantir Services

Black Willow has more than 20 years corporate experience working with the Palantir platform. As the founding East Coast member of Palantir, Black Willow's CTO is unparalleled in his understanding of how the platform operates and does not operate. Our CTO literally wrote Palantir source code. Members of the Black Willow team worked as Palantir employees and managed the deployment, configuration, development and customization of all of the initial government and commercial Palantir deployments. Black Willow can offer a holistic approach to managing a Palantir deployment that results in the lowest cost and highest productivity.

Business Analysis

Black Willow business analysts have vast experience with and are certified in business strategy. They focus on identifying business needs and finding solutions to business problems. Our broad-spectrum knowledge of business processes and techniques provides unique solutions for process improvement, organizational change and system development.

Commercial Software Development

Black Willow combines software engineering with solutions tailored to the specific business need to create a productive and useful solution in commercial software development. We have the specialized knowledge and experience necessary for transactional data systems, multi-component server/workstation programs, and web applications. Our focus includes application security for organizational internal infrastructure. We are also experienced in the DCID 6/3.

Commercial Software Product Integration

Our focus is on analytical and visualization tools and enterprise data management and enterprise data warehousing. We emphasize the importance of interfacing commercial products with their software and hardware infrastructures to aid users. We architect systems to insure application integrity and interoperability by engineering solutions based on industry best practices for web services and management systems.

Enterprise Architecture

We focus on IT compliance for government CIO-level staff for Capital Asset Plan and Business Case Summaries supporting the budget justification and reporting requirements for IT investments. Our government clients are required to comply with OMB Circular No A-11 Part 7, Section 300: Planning, Budgeting, Acquisition, and Management of Capital Assets and we provide valuable life cycle experience within these areas.

Program & Project Management

Black Willow provides leadership for contracting and subcontracting services for the government and commercial clients. We are experienced in complex technology development, the integration of deliverables and providing information related to scheduling, costs and risk management. Members of our staff are certified by the Project Management Institute.